Choosing The Best Baby Wipes For Your Little One

Choosing The Best Baby Wipes For Your Little One
There is so much variety available in baby products today, especially the consumable baby products that it is virtually impossible to choose one and then keep longing for the other one as well. Baby wipes fit the same category and choosing the Best Baby Wipes is an equally difficult task top baby monitors. There are so many brands, types and varieties available that picking up one as the best is not an easy task. While some of you might be wondering that a wipe is a wipe and it just wipes! But you would be surprised to know how wrong you were once you will know the difference between a thick wipe and a thin wipe; a scented one and an unscented one; a generic one and a brand name; a pack with a flip top or a pack that can be refilled. Confused already? Do not worry, if you are a first time parent setting out to buy wet wipes for your baby and are way confused, we have for you some important things to remember while making your purchases.
Even though we have a list of tips for you, you must know that you as a parent are the best person to know what is good for your baby and what isn’t. You should also remember that any choice you make will directly affect you and your baby. So first, understand the needs of your baby, his skin type and your personal lifestyle and then read the guide below.

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Things to remember when buying baby wipes
Choose between brand name and generic
Generic products are much cheaper than the popular brand names. For this reason, a lot of parents choose the economical option. But it is worth mentioning here that the wipes from store brands or the ones that are generic are often very thin and are used twice as much as the branded ones, this takes away the advantage of the savings made on them. There are other generic wipes that have a slippery texture and are not too good at wiping. As for the branded ones, the quality remains uniform and the varieties are many. You can choose the branded wet wipes and then bring down the costs by using the several coupons that are often on the offer.

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Scented or Unscented
Scented or unscented is a feature that you must completely decide based on what your baby is comfortable with. Several babies are allergic to scents-mild or strong while others are fine with any variety of scents-floral, woody or fruity!
Flushable wipes
Flushable wipes are generally used for toddlers who are undergoing potty training phase or by the parents who use hybrid diapers that have flushable inserts. These come generally packed in a refill pack or the one with a top flip box for convenient dispensing. But there are always a few things to remember when using flushable wipes like do not flush too many of them together, avoid using thick wipes as flushing them can get you a serious plumbing concern. Be cautious when using them and look for clogs or slow drainage.