Go Green! Get Eco Friendly Diapers

Go Green! Get Eco Friendly Diapers

The discussion of cloth vs. disposable diapers is an old one and it seems to be a never ending one as well! While the parents who use eco friendly diapers (cloth diapers) advocate that it is the responsibility of the parents to reduce the impact of disposables on the environment since it is estimated that every baby contributes thousands of diapers to the ever increasing number of disposable diapers by the time he is completely potty trained top baby monitors. And we all know that there are enough babies around the world! On the contrary, the parents who use disposable diapers believe that putting the diapers in a washing machine several times only consumes energy and it can go on and on.

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Eco friendly diapers (cloth diapers) vs. disposable diapers

  1. Parents of babies who use eco friendly diapers believe that their babies get fewer rashes with them and are also potty trained much faster than other babies since they can feel when their diapers are wet and soiled.

Parents of babies who use disposables also believe that their children have fewer rashes, thanks to the absorbent gel that is present in such diapers and it also leaves them dry.

  1. With eco friendly diapers, be prepared to carry around a wet bag when traveling and come back home to a pail full of laundry. But cloth diapers are much economical than the disposables. You choose money over time.
  2. People using cloth diapers believe in doing their bit to save the environment and try to go green. Parents using disposable diapers advocate that using cloth diapers also uses a lot of energy since they have to be put into a washing machine several times.
  3. With disposables, you can get what you want. There are ones that are especially meant for night and can absorb extra liquid; they are available in several sizes so your baby is comfortable with the fit. So, the diaper literally grows with the baby. One of the most advanced features that have come up in the disposables in all these years is that they have become extremely thin. This makes them as comfortable for the babies as wearing nothing at all.

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By the end of it all, you are the customer and you are the king! You can decide between cost and convenience or depending on the kind of lifestyle you have. Your decision will also largely depend on what works the best for your baby. You will have to figure out what are you comfortable using? For instance, several parents leave their babies in a day care or a crèche; such parents will have to choose disposable diapers during the day. However, they can choose to use cloth diapers during the night when the baby stays with them. Another great tip for the parents is to use cloth diapers when they are in the comforts of their home and use disposables while they are travelling.